ARTIST: Janet Guenther -- Bio

Janet's Portrait Janet Guenther is an artist and electronic musician in Boulder, CO.

Janet’s work brings organic lines, pattern and graphically illustrative portraiture an edgy urban quality that is unique, quirky at times, visually powerful and alive! Every piece has a heartbeat. A narrative. And Janet has chosen to use wood to carry that idea further. In stead of a clean white canvas, the wood already brings its own story to the table… The grain. The knots. The wood has already finished it’s own life life cycle and presents its story as a way to enhance the artwork. Janet makes choices and modifies designs to incorporate and even showcase the character of the wood she chooses for her work.

She is in search of the perfect juxtaposition of pattern vs. organic through graphic lines creating portraiture. She is highly influenced by Art Nouveau painters like Alphonse Mucha, Audrey Kowasaki, comic books and graphic novels, Magna, meticulous fantasy painters like Michael Parks, as well as the amazing underground graffiti artists who dapple urban landscapes. During College, she lived in the heart of Baltimore, MD and found inspiration in the quirky urban culture that can only be found in that awesomely time-warped city and took it with her out west. She dances a beautiful, elegant yet playful edge that brings inescapable life and whimsy to her work!